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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Lo and behold. 1st day of school. And it fucking sucked.

There are thousands of people. And they are taking up every nook and cranny of the whole fucking school. The damn library is crowded and the canteens are filled to the brim, with no end of the crowd in sight. Normally, its nothing much, but these assholes are taking up my space, my seat in the canteen, my food. Until i had to run along to miserable NIE and eat shitty fried rice. And the fried rice sucked.

There were loads of booths, pointless things for idiotic people to gather and talk cock. Who the fuck needs such activities? These sonafabitches are just trying to make dating and flirting into a legalised activity in the name of the school. And yeah. The school is fucked too. With its limited space, its overstretching its capabilities to house such a huge amount of students lor. KNN

Watched Tokyo Drift. Decent show, nice cars, nice action. The drifting was cool, but a little too far fetched. Even the cars arent as cool as that of 2 Fast 2 Furious. And supper wasn't all that fantastic too. Everything's fucked.

And yeah. Today is fucked up. Really fucked up...

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