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Saturday, June 24, 2006


This world is filled with the abovementioned people. So much so that it never fails to irk me at how ugly it has become.

I see Singaporeans acting angmoh, become condescending towards their own fellow people, trying to speak in a slang that sounds so fake, i cringe. In fact, i quite enjoy staying in the little dot i call Singapore. And i'm proud of my lousy english.

And my fuse is burning short, esp when i realise i have a couple of sg guys who have absolutely ZERO integrity. Too tired to write the whole grandmother story, too far to show u the assholes. Anyway im the good guy, so those i dislike are the bad ones.

But shopping is damn good. Here the stuff cheap DAO. And the bluff stuff looks like the real thing. Tag Heur, Rolex watches at extremely good quality gng at 70sgd nia.

Even the food is damn good. But the portions a little too huge, even for me. And i'm a monster!

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