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Monday, May 08, 2006

Your Future, Our Future

Pap won by a 66.66% share of all valid votes, winning 82 out of 84 seats. They said its a strong mandate. Is it?

I see more people getting emotional over the opposition's rallies than at PAP's. Personally, i think having opposition is fine, but i feel PAP doing a decent job lar.

Everyone has been criticising them. But they do have their plus points lar. They gave most of us a roof over our heads. At least we don't have loads of kids begging in the streets, dying of hunger. We have billions of dollars in our national kitty, and we do get perks occassionally.

I mean... I rather not see fighting in parliament like those in Taiwan. Imagine Lor That Kheng giving a left hook to Li Hsin Lorn. Cannot lar, wanna become international laughing stock meh.

And the need to have OUR voices in parliament. Isn't PAP the selected voices? And they are trying to hear from us with those GRC and whatnot they created right? What's the difference between these and the other opposition parties who is also representing OUR voices? Not the same voice?

I confused. Politics is a headache to me.

Just now i saw my special semester namelist. Excited, i went to try to figure out who's in my group. To my delight, i saw 3 girl name hor. The i went to check out the pics. I was stunned. I pray tee gong can do something about this tragedy that is about to befall me... -.-''

Then i went to see Hua's group. He onyl got 1 gal nia. But she looks decent lar... Got potential. But hua say she looks like a hen. >.<

Subsequently, the conversation continued:
Me: ric's group like not bad. There's this Pauline girl, like got potential...
* me went to look for her pic
* shows hua
Hua: Eh... Why u send me guy's pic? Thought u say is Pauline?
Me: Gal pic arh... no wrong...
Hua: Guy pic leh. U send wrong.
Me: Thats Pauline. -.-''
Hua: Wah
Hua: WAH!

Hua is bad.... LOL

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