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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2 Down, Loads More To Go!

Finally finished 2 papers, 4 more to tackle. But the feeling is good. Studying isn't so bad afterall, it just plain sucks...

Just submitted the form to go HongKong for this intersem. Hope it goes through... Haha. But i applied alone, means i'll be all alone. Which is a good thing. There isn't much to look forward to in holidays anyway.

I saw some pics somewhere on the internet today. And it dawned upon me that i'm blessed. Heaven has been good to me.

Through a wierd twist of fate, i didn't get what i initially wanted. Only to find out that what i wanted wasn't as good as i thought it to be! What luck!

Fuck, i'm not materialistic or what lar. But some things just cannot compromise one. Hmm... Baffled? Too bad...

On to something else... Just now hua say he wanna box me. Sibei heong. Then he started waving his fists and swinging his leg like a gorrila. Kinda scary...

Now he sleep liao. Think he swing and wave till tired. Haha...

Recently think exam very stressful and tiring. I everyday see e notes, very tired. Very fast eyes close. Can sleep like 15hours a day lor.

Last night i cannot sleep, keep tossing and turning. I took out the damn notes, i fell soundly asleep in 5mins. -.-''
Got like that one anot!!!

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