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Thursday, April 06, 2006

1 Week to DOOMSDAY

This is bad. After next week, is exams liao. I set a goal to study 4 hours a day. I only managed 40mins. Haiz... This sucks...

Now i'm way behind schedule, and the nagging discomfort in my mind telling me something is wrong has escalated to a full scale pain. SHIT!

So something had to be done. I had to destress. So i went to watch Ice Age 2. Muhahaha! And i destressed even before i started studying for it. Heh!

This Ice Age was funnier last time. This time the plot more lame. But still funny nonetheless. Guess which character i like best?

Yes... Its this cute thing. I have no idea what you call it, but this idiot's determination to get the acorn/walnut called for respect.

Lets do a recap of how determined he is. started out getting his tongue stuck in ice, followed by getting a mouth full of ice. Skidded through ice, fell through cliffs, climbing steep walls.

The best was the one where he used a twig and used it as a pole to vault over to the walnut. He failed by a hairline, and tumbled to his doom. Amazing how strong these creatures are. Fall so far still never die. Haha! Funny!

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