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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where's my combo drive!

HP said 30th my combo drive come. But they lie. Now already 4/4/06 liao. My combo drive not in sight. Not even a damn phone call. Sian...

No cd rom very sad. Cannot install stuff, cannot watch movie. Wanna burn stuff also struggling. Sian max. Now my lappy dont even have microsoft words. Hai...

Think HP service not bad. But their efficiency is putting me off. 4 days after promised date leh. At least gimme a call lar. KNN!

And exams coming. I haben started on anything yet. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. All i wanna do is relax, and pa game. I spotted i got no ambitions, no dreams... Hmm.. Got dreams lar, also got ambition. But i is lazy. Refuse to work towards what i want. Chi ru!

Just now got presentation. I garbra. Forgot my lines. Then i stand there and grin stupidly at the tutor. This time hong gan. Heh. The tutor stare at me for a full minute. I stare back that kind. At least it felt like a full minute to me lar.

Sua. Anyway over liao. Paiseh i chui the team. But really i got read and try to rem lor. Dunno why i stunned. Think cos no audience. Haha!

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