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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Had so much fun playing and watching shows.

There's this particularly ridiculous korean show called 綁架愛情100天. The only watchable thing in it was this particularly cute girl. Haha.

There was a point where the guy deserted the girl, and she keeps crying and remembering the happy past. In her crying, desolate state, she looked so protectable, so vulnerable. Makes me wanna go protect her from the harsh realities, from all the sadness. ^^

Then i snapped out of the day dream. Yes, in normal everyday lives got such flashbacks of happy memories, and there's overwhelming sadness, but there isn't the beauty and happy endings.

Fuck the media. They playing with your subconcious, making you believe in the happily-ever-after ending, allowing you to think that all this would also happen to you. They hype all the lovey dovey shit, making the lesser of you humans into crying wimps. Hahaha

The ending for the damn show lagi best. The guy brings the chick to this dark place, the background suddenly lights up to show a palace like surroundings. And when they kiss, fucking got fireworks in the sky. WTF!!

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