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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last One!

3 weeks of hell, and finally the final paper awaits! Woohoo!

Today's paper is the most doable among all the 5 papers i've taken. So doable until i cannot stop smiling. Haha...

Finally got one paper i confident can pass one. The those people come out, start looking very sad and shaking their heads like as if the blank the entire paper. Come out say: die die... Chui chui...

Fuck you assholes. If ninpeh come out smiling and saying can pass, noone allowed to say they fail or they die hor!

I must thank Zhongmin and hua for explaining and sharing that 'zhen jing'. Without it, i think i goner liao. Yeah!

Then again, studying is torturous, but i must say it beats working, anytime. Even during exams.

How many hours a day do you have to work? Normally about 8hrs, considering a 9-5 job. But we know 9-5 job is a lie to con the naive. Where got work 9-5 one... i suspect its 830-630 that kind lor.

Then how many hours do you study a day? Strictly speaking, even during exams i dont think i got spend 8 hours lor. Why?

Daily process: Wake at 11. Bathe, lie in bed, lunch... Before you know it, its 2. Study a little, then start chatting on msn, playing a little dota, then its already 7.
So far. I suspect about 3 hours of study clocked. MAX.
Then we do a dinner and after dinner slacking. 8-9 study, then watch tv at 9-10. Start dota and chatting until 12, before studying for another 2 hours before slping. Xiong!!

Study time: 6-8hrs

How to lose? Hahaha....

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