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Monday, June 12, 2006

Many Things

Its getting increasingly troublesome to write. Especially when not all feelings and thoughts can be written. Its self censorship to a certain extent, but i guess its for the greater good...

Dbl O

Drinking was good. Dancing was fun. Dean had a chick to dance with. The rest of us poor dudes had to wander around aimlessly. Haha.

Dbl O is cool cause of the fucking cheap drinks. And enough alcohol always improves a relatively boring day to something much better. But having chicks would of course be better. But they are scarce commodities when the ratio there is 3:1.

But at least Dean had a chick to dance with all night. Makes people envious. Haha...


Fucking lost every single fucking cent there. But i really sway while there lar. I stand where, dealer wang until where. Got like tt one meh.

At a point of time, the table i was looking at from a winning crowd with 6 people seating became pitifully desolate with only 2 poor dudes left. Chi ru!

The food in Genting also sucks. Not nice and so expensive. Sian dao arh.


Flying in a couple of days. I really should finish the packing and start a little studying for astro...

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