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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Enjoying Life!

Time for some updates i guess. Life has been good. Courtesy of Macau, i have been living fairly like a king. Haha...

The food in the school is decent at best. There's loads of meat, and i ain't complaining. But there is like ZILCH for fruits, and i'm feeling deprived. And there isn't any fruit stalls that sells chilled cut fruits. I see a business opportunity here guys. Who's game to invest in my fruit stall in HK? I might even launch an IPO when my store gains widespread popularity. lol

But its swealthering hot here, but it beats raining lar. A lesser of 2 evils: sweating like a pig/getting drenched. I say... Both sucks! Thank god for air cons. Amithabha.

The clubbing here is damn fucking ex, but the chicks are good and in constant supply. Too bad my canto buang. If not cfm can chat them up. Heh.
But drinks bought off the shelf from convenience stores are cheap DAO. A can of heineken is like 1sgd i think... Even alcohol like chivas is abt 70sgd nia.

And glorious glorious shopping. Seriously, i dont really shop much. The shopping i did here is more than i ever did in my entire 24yrs on earth.

So... Life;'s generally good here. So much better than i seriously don't quite wanna go back sg liao. Haha... Never in my life have i seen a sunrise, but over here, i've seen like 3 and it really great, except tt e company a little wrong. Lol...

Here comes the fucked up news. My fucking lappy died on me once again. KNN...

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