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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Last Week Left

1 more week more in HK before i come back to Singapore. And there's conflicting feelings. So much so that i had to come write about it, after almost completely stopping blogging.

I made friends. I realised there are bastards and there are bastards. I see bitches who sleeps with angmohs, getting felt up. I see those fat girls being ignored by handsome and ugly alike. And i had my fun. And i still had my fun. I wish it could stay this way longer... More's the pity. Beautiful things never last. It never will.

Saying so, it doesn't mean i don't like sg. Of course i have my buddies in sg, buddies who go drinking, who chat, play games, who go out and have fun, who go out clubbing together and there is my dog.

Guess what... This sucks cos it feels like i'm a girl and getting all weepy about the coming sad goodbyes and whatnot. Fuck.

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