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Monday, December 04, 2006

A World of Assholes

This whole world is filled with idiots. Fucking filled with idiots, i'm telling you.

Usually i can look past the stupidity of certain actions, i can forgive the bastardity of some actions. But today is the limit. In a sheer matter of hours, i witnessed countless of idiotic acts, of bastards being assholes. And here i'm telling you idiots and assholes: Fuck you.

I don't understand why people do stupid things even after being told countless of times not to do the same fucking stupid thing. I don't understand why some people can be bastards, even to friends.

Don't they realise that admin stuffs need time? A simple I'm busy doesn't mean u can procrastinate till the last fucking minute. Things need to get planned, get booked. If you are really that fucking busy, don't fucking watch tv, go out for movies. You should be busy all the fucking time you busy fucker. Then don't come and say you want this, you want that, when you fucking not contributing to anything to what you want.

Then go live your selfish fucking busy life. Fuck off.

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