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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bad Day

Today is a fucked up day. A sonafabitch stole my shirt. My fav one at that... With a cute Byakuya cartoon. Sg dun have that kind.

To the fucker who took the shirt. May you choke on e food u eat, kena knock by car when on the road, kena struck by lightning on the streets, fall down the stairs you climb, kena bird shit under the tree, and just fucking die you sonfabitch!!

I dont fucking understand... Its just a shirt. Cannot just go get one urself? CCB. You got the hands to steal it, you got the strength to get the money to buy one. Fucking return me the fucking shirt you fucker... You can keep the damn hanger.. But i want the shirt.

Today is a fucked up day. The world is full of fucked up people. Die assholes... DIE!

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