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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Battle of The Peak Hour

I was waiting for the beloved mrt just now, to get back to home sweet home. And guess wat... I met with the dreaded peak hour crowd.

There... In front of me, stood 84351039032 people, and only ONE door... And when the train came, everyone squeezed and shoved. So i did the most common sense thing. I stepped back. Soon after, another 803893457843 people came in front of me, and squeeze and shove they did. And i stepped back again...

After 3 trains gng by in this manner, i realised something is amiss. I had just wasted 15mins and the fucking crowd has not reduced. It is so wrong. So i did the next most common sense thing. I stared at every single fucker who tried to step in front of me. Lo and behold! I got into the next train easily as every single bugger felt my presence.

How do these peeps survive the pushing and shoving? I swore i saw one silly bugger get 'kiaped' by the doors. Stupid piece of shit...

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