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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Was walking down to wash clothes when i saw a lizard. A big FAT lizard, resting happily against a wall.

Nothing special? Think again. If the fucking lizard is fat and happy. It means it ain't eating no mosquitos in the near few hours. And that's bad news. This fucking place is fucking infested with fucking mosquitos.

One puny and oversaturated lizard is no help against the legions of mosquitos they have here. Its a full blown war here i tell you. Legions of mosquitos vs 1 puny lizard.
Humans 0, Mosquitos 1

Of course i'm doing my part. Mosquitos have been feeding off me as if they are in the buffet, and i'm the spread. Fuck.

An overzealous and greedy mosquito has it tough too. He apparently sucked too much blood from me that he couldn't fly really fast. I whacked it in midair and it fell to the floor, only to be crushed by my unforgiving fingers of doom. My precious blood squirted out from the obese insect. Fuck once again. MY precious blood...

Lizards, start fucking and procreating... We need more than just ONE of your kind here...

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