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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Its great to go on hols. It feels great to wander around aimlessly in shopping centres, stopping occasionally for some nice chocolatey cake, have a cold cup of coffee...

Yes... I'm back from KL cum Genting trip. Even took a 21 seater back. Big leg space, a personal tv to boot, with loads of movies to choose from. All at the price of 50RM. Dirt cheap i say.

A major grouse... Got this friggin ulcer at the tip of my tongue. And it sucks. The tongue always touches the teeth and the soft flesh underneath. Which means, my ulcer is in the constant state of contact with some surface.

Usually, contact is painless and unfeeling. But this knnbccb ulcer is making my life living hell. Or helling live, whichever sounds worse.

Fuck ulcers!!

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