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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Movies and Life

Watched quite a few movies recently. Secret, Bourne Ultimatum, Mind Hunter, 双龙记.

双龙记 was just normal brainless fighting. Not much to understand except standing in awe at their kickass kungfu.

Mind Hunter was decent. It was gross. It had blood. It had adrenaline flowing and thoughts thinking.

Bourne Ultimatum was like watching this one dude beat the whole world. Don't need much brain for this kind of show.

Secret was.... Rubbish and interesting. So lets call it interesting rubbish. From playing 2 pianos with 2 hands at the same time to finding the one you love by time travelling using a piano. They even have this piano competition where one tries to mimic the other pianist's tunes.
First. Just hearing them play the piano is enough trouble. How the hell you supposed to replicate the damn tune unless you've heard and played every single piece in this world.
Second. Playing 2 pianos with 1 hand each at THE SAME TIME is NONSENSE. Period.
We dont even need to get started on the time travelling part...

Ok. I'm done with my movie review. Now for self analysis.

I... Must... Be... Fucking... FREE!

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