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Monday, August 20, 2007

Cable Car on The Mountain Top

Burnt my first Sunday on Mt Faber today. Was uber unwilling to go to work today. Why must I fucking work on a fucking Sunday!?!

The choice was to go to work or to go to work. Wasnt hard to make a decision amongst those 2 choices. So dragged my lazy ass down.
And it turned out to be a decent if not great day.

Hanging around and ushering people to the cabins was effortless. Dinner time was a cable car trip down to habour front's hawker before an hour of jalan jalan at vivo city, catching in the sights and the sounds.
On a normal Sunday, I would have been holed up at home or playing mahjong at someone's place. Its a refreshing change to walk ard aimlessly for an hour. hahaha!

Went back up to Mt Faber in the cable car. Chatted with the guys there. Beoed the people having their sky dining in the cable car. Catching in the scenary. And poof! 11+. Time to go home.
Can slp late tonite. Anyway work's in the afternoon tml. This feels almost leisurely!

Off's on this Wednesday... Woo!!

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